Training workshops and courses


We have a particular emphasis on providing individuals from diverse backgrounds with the opportunity to experience film-making, especially those who have little experience of IT and digital technology. Learning the skills of a film-making can be very empowering and will enhance an individual’s creativity and self-expression.


To this end we offer both short-workshops and more in-depth training courses using inexpensive and readily available equipment. Participants will gain knowledge and experience of the whole process of making a film from developing an idea, story-boarding and screen-writing through to interviewing, camera work, editing and production.


Success in film-making depends upon developing good team-working and communication within the production team. Individuals have the opportunity to experiment with different roles and ways of working. The skills and rapport developed are thus readily transferable back into the work-place making our training courses and workshops ideal team-building experiences for your employees.


To find out how we can work with you to develop a specially designed workshop or training course please contact us today. Operating as a social enterprise Co-operative, we can offer very competitive rates for our services.

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